Dear President Mason and CAO Potter, why did UDC the HBCU forget to be an HBCU–a public HBCU with humanities?

  1. No MLK program
  2. No program for our first English Professor as a First Lady
  3. No program for our first Black and Asian WOMAN VP
  4. No program for Amanda Gorman, the youngest poet in recent memory to deliver a poem at a presidential inauguration, who happens to be Black

Are you still committed to equity, or was that bullshit too?

Trump’s gone, so at least pretend to like your own people or go jump on the next flight to Florida to go serve your real boss. We have a university to save, and we don’t have time to wait for you two to reconfigure your good cop/bad cop routine for your latest faculty mind-fuck gas-light game. Go earn your pay.

I’m an alum and a taxpayer watching you two fuck up our school for some really sleazy homegrown DC racial/social class/skin color politics–are you here to help or to fuck it up further? This was low-hanging fruit you two geniuses fucked up in your rush to not upset the alan sessoms/trumpian fan club.


You not only succeeded at appearing even more intellectually dull than the holidays’ hot mess, you have successfully dodged yet another opportunity for UDC fundraising and image hyping to increase our numbers.

I’d say you both are hitting high scores with improving our numbers with that winning strategy. Home run.

Like hell.

Enjoy your cocktails, gentlemen. Not often do I see people fuck themselves so thoroughly as I have seen with the lot of you. Must be something in the water on that third floor. Maybe y’all should get somebody to look at the pipes. Or something else, like a loose screw.

You tell me, Ron. You know it all, right?

Zero excuses for this lack of concern from either one of you. Where’s the customer service when it comes to tending to our students’ cultural and psychological needs? I suppose one would be this neglectful, culturally, if one was, indeed, so out of touch with one’s identity or so supremely fucked-up with the cult of white male supremacy, i.e., painting your very soul with white paint.

Is that the real equity imperative, then, teaching Black people to assimilate into whiteness?