And just like that, a couple of nibbles!

That’s usually a good sign.

Same ad as when I started off–cleaned up a bit.

So, I’m off and running with my online dating ad yet again. I had good luck back in the day, and that’s when I was even more loopy and quite frankly obese. I’m normal sized, mentally chilled out, ready to enjoy my single life, truly.

note to stalker-predator: since you made it a point of publicly humiliating me in order to excuse your emotional abuse and exploitation of me (seriously, you told people I was your touchstone while at the same time mistreating me), I’ll make it a point of publicly getting my emotional life back, and even share my first date out while you remain stuck at home with your rock.

Enjoy your life literally down the hill from me. I’ll leave the leftovers out for you, sweetness. You did me a favor btw: the weight-loss was a direct product of the stress your bullshit did to my head–more on what my doc told me last week later on this month. I don’t think you know what it means to treat people as full human beings–you seem to view people in terms of their use and value to your goals at the moment.

Some people would say you are a psychopath, actually, one that apparently knows how to mask himself, effectively, so as to avoid exposure and exclusion from civil society.

I wonder now.

Charming face, charming manners, you could probably convince studios to write part two of American Psycho to begin with you. Could be the reason why you, as you said to me and [name redacted], “fucked up your first marriage.”

And I do suppose it would take a special kind of fucked-up mind in a man to dump one woman for another over skin color shades of lightness (what, did you really think no one figured you out? dude, you didn’t even space your kids enough to hide it. You are a whole new species of dick-carrying whore).

So, here we are in 2021, with me looking at your spaced-out ass half-way not even sober enough to text me or email me a mercy message while I tend to this well-deserved reminder drag you’ve been begging me to serve up to your useless, creepy, stalker ass. The question left is should I use your name when I fuck him, or have him use your name when he fucks me on Onlyfans.

And how will you explain your new subscription to her? My, my, my, what excuse will you drum up then?

And nope, you can’t stop me from enjoying my newly revised skinny body either. You can watch in silence and wish me well, then go back into your respectable family hut for the winter season and hibernate with the other goats.