Dear Ronald F Mason, Jr., thank you for stepping up.

Dear Mr. Mason,

Thank you  for sending us this email. 1) When you say  ‘we,’ who is ‘we’? 2) what does it take for UDC leadership (faculty, admin, bot) to actually address the January 6 coup d’etat attempt by fascist domestic elements In non-neutral terms? After all, we do have students and alumni who work on the Hill; 3) what does it take for UDC leadership to actually address the CAO’s repeated threats to impose RIFs, ignore the union, and eliminate the Faculty Senate in favor of an Academic Senate run by the CAO’s office? Or are we attempting to eliminate shared governance and academic freedom, and if so, who gets to build and run an anti-racism space at an institution that does not protect its own students and faculty from conservative, intolerant elements? If the ones who use bullying and threats on our campus are the reformers, we get more of the elitism/trumpism currently chasing our students from our campus.

My podcast on the 14th will cover these issues, as well as the letter your office released to us.

Happy New Year, Mr. Mason.  Thank you for your visible, vocal, outstanding leadership in the DC community standing up for the oppressed.

Dr. Turpin, Host

cc: thank you for being a source of inspiration for my digital research and service to the DC community, Brother Ron.

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