This is what we are looking at RIGHT NOW.

I live in this city. I live in this country. Tonight, we know there are people who wanted Washington, D.C. to become a site of mass murders by the end of the week, and we know it would not have ended downtown.

We need to talk. Seriously.

Now is not the time to hide and shut down. Look, I started off with a grand mal seizure as a response to a caustic, cruel speech from UDC’s CAO delivered via streaming service. Sounds like I’m a bit touchy. Perhaps. But I picked myself up and produced this week, as did the rest of the faculty. But this feels different.

It’s why I insist that we not ignore it, but instead use it in our classrooms, and teach ourselves how to dismantle these isms that remain in us, as well as dismantling isms in our surroundings. Our campus is suffering because we ignore the isms that divide us and keep us fighting with each other. It’s like we need a campus therapy session package. I’m not joking. Everyone needs to be on the couch. Trumpism is yet another word for the isms, folks. We need help, all of us. Why do I keep coming back to UDC? Because that’s where and when I knew things had gone rancid politically. We represent the outer reaches, economically, while at the same time, being a launching point for political movements. Losing that to the excesses of right-wing political manipulation would reverberate throughout the city and metro area. Even Mendelsohn knows that.

What am I saying?

Don’t ignore the damage, but instead recognize the damage beneath appearances.

Hence the need for us, all of us, to talk.