I have a baked chicken in my fridge–turning it to curry chicken

Why not? I need flavor and spice, honey. I’ve become accustomed to that. So, today is half writing for a conference proposal, half cleaning my house up (and that’s split into kitchen, bathroom, bedroom [split into books and clothes]). All for the goal of keeping my stress levels steady and keeping the dust down. All of that is to be done before sundown. After sundown, course work, podcast work. Saturday is a work day for me. And I like that just fine. I work at home, so cleaning up the dust is a must.

This is a lesson I’m learning about taking care of my home as being a part of taking care of my health. Mom tried to teach me, but God had to shock me into reality.

Oh, and shout out to April for that chicken. #CAS #DeanMassey

Yes, she’s coming back. Potter’s invited too, as is Mason.

But we will also hear from faculty from UDC and other institutions, artists, journalists, students, activists, other podcasters, in other words, a diversity of voices and perspectives that help democracy and critical thinking to flourish.

But first, let’s get some coffee.