Where is the president of UDC?

Ronald Mason Junior has yet to speak as though he gives a fuck about 2021 or beyond.

I see and hear silence from the king. A YouTube message on Monday would have helped, especially given the uncertainty of this week. I had a grand mal seizure at the start of our professional development. My chair, my dean, CAO’s office, faculty leaders were attentive–a good sign. HR was on task. Missing? Our president. We are not UConn or UVM. A digital card, a formal letter, a casual get-well email–whatever.

I’m not hard to miss–I’m the African American woman associate professor in the English Department who will be the token Black professor left after Elsie retires (supposedly this spring).

This is what I mean by corporate culture in higher ed — esp. at HBCUs, and how it encourages predator/prey and self-centered ways of thinking, where faculty are reduced to numbers or pawns on a chess table (DC politics). In other words, dehumanized.

Is there a reason for that, Ron? I’ve supported your vision, but even if I didn’t, I’m an alum. Put some respect on my name. This is my critique of your performance so far in 2021.

Improvement needed