I support President Mason.

He’s easy to beat up on, but I’m not a bully, so let’s put out that fire. He sacrificed his safety this summer. That matters to me.

President Ronald Francis Mason, Jr., Juneteenth 2020
  1. He’s gotten evaluated almost every year he’s been in office, and I never miss it. I’m brutally honest with him, and he knows it.
  2. We have yet to have Potter, the deans, or chairs evaluated–most of them for their entire terms. Some of them ten years or more. Why is it we don’t hear the leader of the Faculty Senate saying a single word to that Board of Trustees? and why would BOT members praise these people and give them raises without even a Survey Monkey-how’s-my-driving survey? Would Middle States approve?

That’s not on Ron. That’s on us (Faculty Senate) and the Board of Trustees. The CAO can and should look at this issue before assuming customer service problems begin and end with faculty and staff.

Start with the big money–yourself and your colleagues.

Enjoy your weekend. Middle States does take these issues seriously, btw.