How many of these were waiting to be used?

If you live in the DMV and if you know about the history of race riots, pogroms, nazis, and kkk, then you should be concerned, because the people who admire nazis and the kkk who showed up and tleft a collective smear of shit at the Capitol Building also brought some party favors to start the festivities.

See, I’m not so sure we have the full story yet. In fact, I’m sure no one has the full story yet. Us DC workers need to be concerned. Us faculty in the region need to be concerned–and that goes for the entirety of our administrators as well, because you are also faculty.


Don’t just look to what Nazi Germany did to ten million human beings. Look to Cambodia, where you had the systematic persecution and killing of Cambodians by the Khmer Rouge under the leadership of Pol Pot during the 1970s.

We are on edge as a nation. Academic freedom, anyone? Without democracy, we are breathing targets.

Some of our neighbors have some genocidal thoughts on their minds, allegedly.

After all, death, violence, and murder are all the ultimate outcomes of racism and of racist hate. Pol Pot came to mind because he and the Khmer Rouge made it a point of targeting intellectuals, teachers, doctors, artists, i.e., anyone who encouraged critical thinking.

The merry band who showed up this week would probably find that sort of anti-intellectual thinking to be in line with the MAGA philosophy. We are not safe yet.

That won’t keep me from throwing mad shade at these clowns. I just want you the reader to grasp the historical significance of what you experienced and watched from a distance.

On the other hand, if your dumbass was in the mix of all of that shit, you deserve to get your dumbass dragged for the filth online while you get dragged off to jail. You asked for all that work listening to Trump and Putin gas you up into staging the corniest coup d’etat attempt I’ve ever seen. Y’all should be embarrassed just for showing up. NOTHING BUT LITTLE DICK ACTION ALL WEEK LONG.