Who’s we, white man?

I like John, he’s so naive. Like, we been knew about America the bullshit narrative, but y’all act like shit ain’t been fucked for Black folk here since the beginning of this con game. But okay, I’ll be nice and share his perspective. But do understand I’m not here for the bullshit storyline ‘I didn’t know.’

Bullshit, indeed.

Mofos need to step up and get that work they keep asking for when they push people towards the cliff on a mountaintop. The will to thrive overshoots the narrative keeping people in lockstep conformity as they are marched towards certain doom. The hierarchy broke its own machine, and now the doors and walls are coming down. The Tower Card, in other words.

Aleister Crowley’s Tarot: The Tower [a personal fav of mine for lots of reasons]