Election Day is here, Master.

Did you shave your ball sack yet?

No, I’m not sorry for being a bitch to you today. I’m actually in a relaxed mood today, so I’m just fucking with ya.

You are so accustomed to the niceties you enjoy from those righteous sisters raised to be kind and nice to men like you who subsequently ignores those same women whenever things require you to adjust or moderate your male chauvinism in the 21st century. Fuck that, I don’t play that shit. I tell it like it is, which is exactly why you like telling people I’m your touchstone.

Until I start telling you like it is without sparing your feelings. And I intend to stay honest like that in 2020 and beyond for my well-being. Believe it or not, it is for your well-being as well. You can’t trust me if I don’t tell you your shit stinks, or that you need to trim your nose and ear hair, or that you spent four years gas-lighting me and grooming me to be the perfect co-dependent slave, only to discover that the physiological impact of such abuse was killing me, which is why God literally shocked me into breaking away from becoming a literal slave to the grave as a result of being driven to the ground.

Some people say that’s normal for women, that such a dynamic is normal between men and women. I call that bullshit and the devil is a liar.