Mr. Stalker-Predator: How do I know you are not the Black BTK?

Samuel Little killed more than your white twin Dennis Rader. I do not trust you, Mr. Stalker-Predator. You used your power to gain access to me, then you lied on me to appear innocent. You keep coming back to see if I’ve given in to your narrative so you can crawl back next to me at the end of the pandemic.

Numbnuts, there is no ‘end,’ to a pandemic driven by capitalist greed, misogyny, and racism. I expect us to keep our masks on for the next two years. You screwed yourself by alienating me, the one true ally you had who believed you and believed in you.

You clearly prefer to be at best ignored or at worst despised.


I’ll be serving both to your toxic ass in 2021.

Go fuck yourself, asshole. I’m not afraid of you.