you really want me to shut up, don’t you?

I mean, that and the photos keep you coming back, right? This probably could not have happened at a worse time, for you, that is. You’ve been stringing me along for the lest few years, telling me you were on my side. Now that you took off your mask to reveal the ugly man that you truly are, you keep coming back to see if I’ve doxxed you.

I told you I don’t do that. You’ll do it to yourself, again, and again, and again. Your ego brings you and your detractors here for some bizarre reason.

But you can’t do anything about it, can you, Mr. Stalker-Predator-Master-Bitch-BitchassNigga-OldMan-PrettyBoy-thumbdick-COCKSUCKER-SCUMBAG-SLEAZEBALL-CREEP?


Look, once I get busy, these posts will go into private mode while I reshape this page and build others for my courses and DH project–and you will become a small part of a book project where I discuss [REDACTED]. You won’t be named or described beyond your disgusting ways when it comes to Black women. Don’t look for me in this town–I plan to make it a point of avoiding you digitally and in the real world. I suggest you do the same.