you fuckers deserve your own comic book series

i’m just not sure which one of you gets to be a classic predator, super-predator, xenomorph, queen bitch, queen bitch mulatto (Alien Ressurection), or fuck it, blend it all with Terminator. I feel like a mix of Grace, Ellen Ripley, and Sarah Connor shaken not stirred with just enough Dutch to shake a few yards as I get back on my feet in my combat boots and sunglasses as I clean and oil my gear for the next tour this semester. I’m just getting started with my creative ventures and I’m about ready to launch some individual pieces and some minisets for my official sites I’ll launch (free stuff) and a paid site I’ll scramble up to build and get up and running and blah, blah–this site will stay up, but I have so much to work with now and I’ll have some help this time. You get to be the closest to me the person right now for probably a good while…..i intend to fade a bit as you get into the work itself