UDC Spring 2021, Yautija Game Reserve Campus

i’ll be the one disappearing into the jungle in 2021 as the apex predator is among us, which leaves none of you worthy of my trust and since most of my friends ignore this platform during the holidays i’m pretty certain that the odor of wig-glue, foot powder, gout ointment, and arthritis medicine in my blog entrance is not a bouquet of flowers but closer to red dots…

…that’s thing about predators–they tend to fight for the scraps among each other like crabs in a bucket. Inevitable outcome, of course.

Survival of the fittest, right? You damn right.

You dumb fucks have yet to get the fucking point. Adapt, or fall the fuck down. Make it work, and fake it till you make it. Academia is one big apex predator planet reserve……………..

Everyone is fake beneath the skin until proven otherwise, so smile, smile at the same fucker you really want to sucker punch and go have coffee together on zoom while you wait for the next class, meeting, or interview. Try not to nuke the whole planet with your personal relationship issues, honey–leave that shit on one of xenomorph reserve lab moons