A gentle reminder: Adapt or die off, assholes

because the more time you spend on me and my blog, my social media feed, and my selfies, the less time you spend on your own survival needs during a small phase in a global pandemic-war-crisis killing millions and increasing the likelihood you won’t make it.

Spend the next year doing what I did the hard way 2019-2020: take your fucking meds, eat right, stop boozing, get therapy, exercise, pray, stop wasting money on fancy clothes and toys, spend it on supplies, meds, food, water, guns if you can do it legally (I’m pro-guns, bitches). Ignore silly work battles and home squabbles, and focus on surviving into the mid-late 21st century as intact as possible. You’ll need your parts for what is coming. UDC really needs to get a campus therapy intervention thing going so we can get busy saving our own asses so we can train the people to make it for these next ten-twenty years. Adapt or die off, assholes.

The mid-21st century will host yet another world war because why the fuck not?