dear stalker predator i deleted that shit on purpose

shouldn’t you be cuddling in your trashy trailer park decor style apt with your meth-head old lady, dude? why are you still looking at my shit late at night? thot you said yall got close again like rats and roaches you some ghetto mofos with that messy fucked up marriage telling folk every month yall close again well if yall close why you gotta tell folk like you reading a script every four weeks we didnt ask ya anyway cause we dont believe ya anyway and yo–did she pop you in your eye though after she saw your texts to me you dirty old man thought you were the man of the house damn boy she got you cooking cleaning whooping yo ass like you got turned the fuck out boy she got you on lockdown like she own you so i guess you really missing your balls you still need to shave and do yall share your washcloth trumpites need to read more and buy some current clothes but enjoy that exciting holiday with you staring at my photos i guess with your stalker limp little dick ass you played a good game but you happy being like that creepy fucker stalking chicks online trolling old MAGA conspiracy theories while supposedly working on your projects yeah little dick energy all day long you really need therapy so you can stop getting bitchslapped for being a dumb dick the underground railroad is across the water if you looking for freedom from slavery