To you with love this holiday

merry xmas stalker predator
two dope fiend alcoholics huddled together for xmas
telling people they here for the community
when all they do is political game hustle for money
telling folk they selling that black elite class lifestyle
like that’s social justice work
when all they doing is the usual citified countrified
traveling preacher–you getting this work tonight bitch
empty pockets
hustle for building a nonexistent paradise to
feed their liquid chemical habit and
if you still ain’t figured out
how rampant and common this shit is
in the destruction of our peoples trust in our men

you don’t understand why you looking suspect now and you need to
we need to do some serious work on healing chemical dependency and the
untreated mental health issues and
untreated childhood and adulthood traumas that
lead to chemical dependencies
criminal behavior
unethical and hurtful behaviors

all of which you are tripping on by
being addicted to your stalker predator ways
that resembles alcoholic crackhead meth head ways
while you contemplate on
how deep the rabbit hole goes in
my thoughts on how
my recovery from decades of trauma and abuse
really depended on me seeing
how you so easily crept into my personal space
which means seeing you for
what you are for
what you really are not for
what you are capable of and
how you the wounded prince of pound-cake
surround yourself with wounded people
who depend on a shallow cheap imitation of their dream but
not understanding that sparks should prompt
not hover or obsess
produce in their own right as an example

but if a mofo ain’t producing he she they hustling

you got ideas so you hustle but
you gotta back that shit up or
otherwise get the fuck out the way of
the producers
the researchers
the writers
the thinkers
the teachers
the creators
because at the end of the day
bullying me does not make me produce
because it keeps me in a state of disease distress depression

but love pours so much knowledge and ideas from me like lava and
i initially rode on a mistaken notion that you loved me
like i loved you and came out my shell and

now i recognize that
my love for myself and God’s love for me is
all i need to get His Work done
through my mind body and soul
as a teacher, writer, thinker, warrior, leader in my own right and
now that i’m finally healing and literally/figuratively
cleaning my house up
i don’t need
lying negative gaslighting bougie wanna be intellectual niggas
like you spinning tired ass mansplain whitesplain
conservative fascist bullshit from a whole two centuries ago
still sounding like a whole beeeoootch
drinking cheap merry xmas hootch looking scraggly
with your failed pimp step stumbling
has been zero-game sensitive special ass
bitchass nigga
still jacking off to my photos sexless freakazoid but
still ain’t even touched or seen my pussy or ass
even i got standards plus you suspect to me
i’m blessed to have ZERO STDs and
i got receipts from 2020 on that
which means my thotish ass STILL
don’t ride for no suspect no-count bitchass nigga
who moving real sleazy and untrustworthy while
i got enough issues and

even if you are clean
you got that chemical addict enabler psychotic fucked energy
too toxic for my head
like you expecting me to feed you love you
while you feed me
toxic gaslight air
no meat nigga
you must be out your goddamn mind
that’s not love or even healthy lust or even desire
that’s old mansplaining lines like i said
little dick energy or
erectile dysfunction
liquor dick energy and
my soul is too healthy to accept
that malnourished neglected alcoholic dependency poison from you
do better or begone
it’s that simple
enjoy your holiday bitch cause

you aint black enough to
appreciate the irony of your own bourgeois bullshit logic
making you look extra special ghettoliciously
simple ass ignoramously stupid ass desert-thirsty
checkers-playing-while-we-playing chess carpet-bagging-in-reverse
crack house living bitch-set-me-up-lying-creepy predator stalker
still searching every browser for my website
because you too much of a bitch
to save your searches on your own computer
because you on lockdown in that meth lab crib
with your black heisenberg-wanna-be ass
still ain’t ready to get money
because you still producing ZERO product
and you know that a real man delivers product
not empty promises and empty pockets

you bitchass bitchmade bitchowned step n fetch it bitchass house nigga merry xmas bitch