Ron Perlman is hot

I’d fuck you like there was no tomorrow, tall, hard man. I love a tall man with a nice beard.

You got a firm grip on reality, Ron Perlman, the only Ron I know who isn’t a white supremacist or a misogynist or a lying bitch, who loves Black women and loves Black people in general.

Not all white men are racist, but some Black men spend their entire lives trying to become white men.

Ron Perlman is using his privileges as an upper-class white male Hollywood industry figure on every single platform to resist and dismantle white male supremacy. His wife and children are Black–he gets it.

Unlike some Black upper-class men who marry white women to move up the social hierarchy, Ron Perlman is using his gender, race, and social class privilege to empower the Collective, the People, and in particular, People of Color.

And so in my book, Ron Perlman is extremely attractive to me.

I know that if I ever had the honor of sucking his big, thick cock, I’d be tasting that salty skin like champagne, and riding that dack like a Harley in both my ass and pussy.

He’s worth a few vibrator moments in my twisted fantasy collection in my leaking brain.

Celebrities are pretty easy to encounter for me in the real world–I’ve done it many times over, but why bother?

Ron Perlman’s a pretty cool dude with so much good in his heart in his own world. I’m just sharing my admiration and lust from afar for strong men like Ron P. who don’t sell their manhood to the highest bidder–a rarity in this age of Trump.

In reality, I’m sure my fantasy Ron Perlman and the real one would both find it odd to know they are occupying my brain-time online as I close out the week and year many pounds lighter and far wiser as to the difference between friends and predators.