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ICH management: moving towards reducing my BMI to decrease the spinal fluid inside my skull.

You can’t rush this process, either. Ten years after my initial diagnosis I am just now coming close to a normal weight and normal BMI.

Dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression has been KEY to improving my health overall, especially when it comes to ICH.

Confronting the bullies, gaslighting, and corporate grooming/racism/sexism/classism/elitism/biphobia at UDC was and is part of that process, as well as staying in prayer and meditation.

The food, beverage, exercise aspect became so much easier after treating the mental and spiritual issues.

After all, can’t keep carrying other people’s emotional issues and expect my brain and body to function as if I have not piled on other people’s ‘weight.’

You could find that out yourself, but you are intimidated by me because you fear strong Black women like me because sisters like me don’t put up with emotional abuse from men–especially men who play mindfuck games with women to advance their political strategies and maintain dominance in their relationships with women across the range from personal to professional interactions.

In other words, you could ask me how to not come across as a sexist, predatory, sneaky asshole. But that means you have to stop being passive-aggressive and stop avoiding my requests.

Guess you really should respect my request for clear boundaries, needs, and expectations on both our ends and talk to me on the real instead of just slapping on that touchstone label to explain why you’ve been gaslighting/grooming me to be your emotional/political mule, huh, Stalker/Predator?