a taste

incogneato from Reddit said: “We had gone through a rough break up and he called me over to talk. I got there and this was all too familiar- his eyes were red from his routine weed binge. We ended up arguing and things got heated pretty quickly. Before we knew it, we were on his king-sized bed. He yanked my head back and spit in my mouth before grabbing onto my neck with one hand- tonguing me passionately- while fucking me anally. We had been at it for a while now and each stroke of my man dick took my breath away. “You gon’ take all this dick.” I threw this fat ass back in rhythm on his lube covered piece. He flipped me over so I was on my back. “I bet not find out another n* hit.” He muttered, almost talking to himself. I glanced towards the bedside table where he always kept his strap. I didn’t say anything. “This my pussy,” he said softly but sternly as he pushed my legs back towards my torso and put it in. Damn I missed this…I thought to myself as I felt his thick, veiny dick all up inside me. He began stroking and closed his eyes. My pussy was on some Mac & cheese type shit and I knew this n* was in heaven. “Mm, baby,” I said with my eyes closed and right in his ear as he stroked me slowly. One thing about a hood dude it’s really a difference between them just fucking you and making love. I wrapped my petite legs around his back. Shortly after, my legs began to shake against his sides. My pussy pulsating in anticipation of what was about to come made him cum at the same time as me. We just lay there and I ran my fingers through his short dreads as his cute ass began to drift off to sleep…So yeah. Hope y’all enjoyed it. I tried to describe what happened that night as best I could remember.”

My response: Hope you douched–he went ass to pussy. Always have him go pussy first, then ass, then shower…..Otherwise, yeah, I liked that. Miss that dack too.