loving yourself

The pain in my head right now……I took my meds, I’ve eaten low salt, no salt, low fat, low sugar, zero sugar, staying hydrated, sleeping, praying, meditating, turning off the machines, stretching and exercising, consulting doctors, doing therapy, turning off work when possible, avoiding toxic people, avoiding BEING toxic, and yet this ICH/IIH thing still has me ALL FUCKED UP TONIGHT with this headache.

I’m in a good mood, though. I’m just hurting, that’s all. Love you all.

Even you, Stalker-Predator Man. You just lonely and you need some love in your life. Start with loving yourself. It worked wonders for me.

And just like that my headache is going away as I type this out. You must literally be sitting in my head, Black man.

I do love you, but you’ve got to get a handle on your gifts and sort out whatever is keeping you from loving yourself.

Use my story as a guide to getting the help you need so that you can speak to me in a healthy way.

God Bless you.