morning chat excerpts: racism, sexism

from a discussion board chat on one of my favorite sites for Black women:

“Maybe I’m numb to it but women of “other” races often use race as a tool to try and hurt a black person they’re jealous of.”

You may be numb to it on the surface, but it emerges through health crises. I’m living through it right now because I too did not see microaggressions as significant.

They are.

It’s a warning signal, but we ignore it in order to get on with living–until we have a moment where the microaggression becomes one big macroaggression or the little ones add up to something horrible or in my case, have a health moment…like a grand mal seizure–or several of them.

A faculty member behaving like that towards another faculty member should be reprimanded or fired. Racist or sexist or homophobic rhetoric in fact is a violation of Title IX, and as such should be reported to the Title IX officer or at the very least HR for the purpose of grieving it and stopping it from happening again. Title IX is a follow-up part to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that was passed in 1972 [United States].

Why do I know this? I just found out my grievance against a racist white male professor was ruled in my favor, which means I’m about to go to town in my blog on some mfs who think that 2020 is still plantation heaven at HBCUs.

Seek help for the numbness–don’t lose your grace due to the ugliness that is racism.

I enjoyed your post, actually. I’ve considered traveling to Scandinavia, despite their issues–the issues really are everywhere, and that’s just the way it is right now.

The States are a rollercoaster of sorts, but we have our moments.