you are worthy

HBCUs like UDC tend to chase away sisters like me, and had we not reached millenial tensions and conflicts I probably would have hustled my ass back to New England or moved to the West there’s the age thing and this current health issue I hope can be resolved with me losing yet another 40-50 lbs that would put me in normal weight.

Fuck how I look, I know I’m hot, and the next dude I fuck will get my full attention and performance, but that ain’t resolving that spinal fluid drip, so I have to lose more weight and I have to do it while quarantined like the rest of us. Longer story coming explaining that.

For now, I’m busy healing and chilling and writing and being a mean kitty playing with my furry pussy….and if me saying that makes you mad or sad, get your own vibrator, bitch, and stop obsessing with my white-hair striped pussy. Enjoy your own pleasure points, bitches–your dicks and clits are just the start of where to get off. MEOW!!!!!