I really want to see Iceland

And not to party.

When I was a kid I was fascinated by the National Geographic magazine photos of the brightness of lava, fire, brimstone coming from the very active volcanic island nation we know as Iceland. My parents kept every single issue of National Geographic magazine for my brother and I in our basement library of atlases, maps, history books, Time magazine, Reader’s Digest (I read TWO bestsellers through Reader’s Digest editions of Jaws and Coma). I read the novel Coma and compared the differences and similarities only to feel a slight confusion–after all, kids don’t know about adaptation for movies or miniseries.

Anyway, back to my fascination with Iceland–truth is, I would love to visit Scandinavia, and I’m wondering if I’d fare better health-wise in colder regions.

Iceland is democratic and socialist in such a progressive, humanist fashion that I don’t see happening here in the states anytime soon.