woke up hungry

Pancakes and maple syrup?

maybe, and bacon, sure

or not…..can’t cook this week due to medical issues bending my head and getting a mouthful of spinal fluid…..a little leakage issue…..this particular semester beginning in August was a series of men (and a few women cheerleaders) who took it upon themselves to beat the living shit out of me [job-related bullshit–no physical contact] almost every day until this very weekend.

look….I’m trying to decide if I like this position enough to turn my vibrator and think about going to Cuba while playing Grace Jones…..if I order from DoorDash I have to wait till I eat to indulge……or I can just do what Stalker-man’s doing right now this morning–go look at some photos…..

being sick does not make your pussy lose interest in orgasms…..and sex makes you heal faster