an ugly man

It is possible to be physically beautiful on the outside, even say beautiful words, even be seductively attractive. You have all of these things.

You are, have been, and continue to be ugly, mean-spirited, hateful, dishonest, deceptive, and of course, selfish and self-centered.

You crawled your way up the food chain by using our communal weak points for your stepping stones knowing most people don’t ask physically beautiful people who are privileged to be accountable for their actions.

We spent four years living under the leadership of someone who is spiritually, mentally, and politically ugly–straight up evil–Donald Trump, a man who is proud of his evil, ugly ways.

You have evil ways, but you are still salvageable. But in order to do that you must contend with your ugliness.

As I revise and expand on this blog entry, I’ll share links, etc., but yes, you are an ugly man with ugly ways. And what will you do as I break it down to the whole planet, leaving nothing to spare but your true identity?

Nothing. Or at least nothing actually useful or helpful. Your previous victims feel shame, shamed, and have been rendered silent.

I’m too much of a bitch to get that message, and I didn’t grow up in cotton/blues country where some of our privileged Black men get to act like assholes to Black women and girls without getting checked and don’t get sucker-punched for their asshole ways. Turns out it was a good thing my father taught me to never look down when dealing with a man, to look at him dead in the eye and see what’s in his soul and character. And what do I see when I look at you lately? Come back to my blog and you’ll see. Here’s a taste below.

I woke up feeling a need to right a wrong done to me in the name of political expediency and a lust for power and control over women’s bodies and minds. You are a misogynist and an elitist using your position for personal gain while convincing people you are this selfless person who cares for the collective.

I happen to be someone who was fed to you by yet another ugly person (a woman) who thought you would enjoy a quick snack while you climbed up.

This is what academia really looks like and feels like to those of us who are not privileged, especially in the world of HBCUs. Tis a shame I have to shame you (still not doxxing though because I do love you) into acting like you are a decent man with ethics.

Sure you aren’t a sociopath? Ted Bundy was physically attractive and probably would have moved up the food chain too, had he not been a serial rapist and murderer. Trump probably has a boatload of victims, but up until now he’s been able to cover his ass.

Sociopaths comes in all colors, classes, genders, and backgrounds. Trump is just the start of what could be the age of the sociopath–or a continuation of it from the twentieth century–and perhaps the 19th century. How do you dehumanize large groups of people without being mentally ill, without killing your own ability to empathize with another living being?

You are suffering from that, Mr. Predator. You had to kill or maim part of your soul to become successful, and then you had to keep doing it to other people, mainly women you desired.

You missed your latest target–me–and now, because of COVID-19, you are relegated to online stalking, which makes you feel creepy and impotent.

Congratulations, limp-dick, even Viagra can’t trump a quarantine.