I did not

Did you really expect me to be silent? After how you behaved and continue to behave?

This is my kingdom. You don’t make the rules here. I do.

You don’t even get to leave a comment here, predator/stalker.

I do love you, though–which is why I intend to talk. From the big to the small. I want women to know how to catch a predator BEFORE he lures them into emotional traps and heartbreak.

Maybe we can do a teach-in together where you do a confessional about what an asshole you have been to me since 2016 and how much of a misogynist you are as a result of your daddy issues and intimacy issues and Goddess knows how many other mental health issues. I keep saying you need therapy, but your pride and machismo keeps getting in the way. Maybe a nice lecture by you would inspire you to do the kind of research that would guide you to understand how much you hurt yourself when you treat the people you love like shit.

I’m only a quarter joking.

Use one of your cell phone numbers I already have from you (because you like to keep track of me) to text me so I know it’s you, or buy a disposable phone and CALL me to respond.

Otherwise, I see no reason to stop sharing my thoughts about your treatment of me with the entire planet while you wonder if anyone can figure who you are.

I will continue to conceal your identity, but I’m not hiding myself from anyone, including you.

We never discussed boundaries or needs or concerns, so I am assuming you don’t care–which means I don’t care.

You like it, I love it.

Stay safe, predator, and stop touching your nose on camera.