My current profile part 2

More on my profile on f-t life–I’ll break this part and the part I posted earlier this weekend and next week after I do my work-related items on my calendar.

So, I’ve had this up for a bit–mind you, I turned it off for a couple of years. Not much has changed. I’ll start with a sample here, then unpack my reasoning in a couple of detailed posts that will turn into essays:

This is part two of the current profile:

If you are a part of MAGA, a member of NRA, the Tea-Party, a pro-life group, part of the alt-right/MAGA/Breibart/Trump fan club, look elsewhere–we have nothing to say to each other.
If you are anti-feminist, anti-gay, anti-transgender, anti-immigrant, or anti-Black Lives Matter, stay away from me.
If you do raceplay, keep it moving from me. If you visited my profile seeking a “hookup” from me, you will not succeed. Move on, nothing to see.
Speak to me as an equal person regardless of your self-declared position within the BDSM/Leather/Kink/Alternative collective or begone.
One last thing: don’t assume me to be a domme or a submissive. Or even a switch. Just ask.

So, what are my standards? Who qualifies to be in my company?
I do NOT date people who homophobic, transphobic, bigoted, classist, sexist, or racist.
I do NOT date people who are super-aggressive, intimidating, controlling, or who have a hair-trigger temper.
I do NOT date people who use seduction, intimidation, fear, drugs, or booze to get sex from people.
I do NOT date super-enthusiastic religious people.
I do NOT date pick up artists. Period.
Way. Too. Much. Drama.

Qualities I seek:
Be an avid reader and listener.
Be quirky, or at least open to someone like me who is quirky with a healthy heaping of dry humor.
Be open to a mutual courtship of sorts, one that could be enjoyable.
Be well-educated and have stability in your life.
Be a person with ethics who is spiritual enough to believe in a soul without being a religious fanatic–no bible-thumping fundamentalists.
Be a person who does not physically or emotionally coerce or abuse women, someone who abhors bullying tactics.
Be a person who practices AFFIRMATIVE CONSENT, who does not seduce, coerce, threaten or use alcohol/drugs to get sex from women–ever.
Be a person who raises children without spanking, beating, or yelling.
Be a person who is committed to dismantling racism, sexism, classism, homophobia and transphobia.