What am I reading and researching?

Besides Digital Humanities and Diversity?

Colorism and classism in Black and Brown communities, especially in our institutions like HBCUs.

Could it be possible I have suffered not just from racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia, but also from colorism.

You bet your ass.

I find that entertaining, unpacking and theorizing on my current environment, developing an intersectional response to these people who are vested in maintaining oppressive paradigms for their own personal gain.

Franz Fanon comes to mind. Check out this Guardian piece–the whole African Diaspora needs to be educated on post-colonial theory and socialism–and stop trying to please the oppressor: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/apr/09/colorism-racism-why-black-people-discriminate-among-ourselves

Colorism always felt odd to me–I didn’t get bullied for being cinnamon brown, but I knew my Mom was bullied and mistreated. Different gen I suppose, plus I grew up in a racist suburb. I was more concerned about not being spit on by white kids. Bedford Heights was not Shaker Heights, home of the Black bourgeois, the Black upper class who benefited the most from colorism. I was aware of this thinking as a child and it puzzled me why anyone thought such thinking made sense. My father is extremely light-skinned with hazel-grey eyes, but because he’s working class upper class Black people tended to treat him poorly, including his now second ex-wife after my mother. He tends to see through the bullshit of engaging with the ‘proximity to whiteness’ cult. Both my parents see the connection between harm done to Black families and communities as a result of the perpetuation of colorism and its feed into systemic racism and white supremacy.

We need to get the fuck off the plantation, and it starts within our own homes and hearts.

I’m talking especially to you, predator/stalker/would-be lover. Our whole community needs therapy–especially you.