Voyeurs bore me–they love to tag/like photos, but don’t actually interact with you as a full human being. To me that’s no different than the two dickwads who were living in the shadows and for some odd reason thought it would be a good idea to holla at me last month. This month it was some creep (who took a photo of his hairy skin off a part of his body I have no interest in seeing full-frontal) who couldn’t even string together a full sentence about himself without inventing even more bullshit about his identity or his interests. (from f-t life in 2017))

The thirst gets stupid.


I get it. You see that word feminist and your dick gets soft because you fear you won’t be able to use those stupid lines you used the last time you conned someone into meeting you.

You are so right, too.

I am your worst fear.

I’m not even a Domme. I’m just being me, and I don’t put up with assholes, sub or Dom.

Be for real or get the fuck off my profile page. This website has way too many women and men for you to fixate on me. – Apr 22, 2017