You ask me why?

As in why am I so ‘angry,’ such a bitch?

Why don’t you just say it to my face, Predator?

Why are you such an asshole to me with your pursed lips and silent attitude, ‘Predator?

Why are you so angry at me for asking you to stop acting like a fucking asshole?

Are you so sensitive you need to be an asinine, spoiled brat every single time you get called out like that orange idiot about to be hauled out of the WH?

Did you vote for him this time, too? How does that add up with that ‘image’ you spent so much time building and shaping? If I see through the bullshit, others can see it, too.

I see you behind the mask.

I love you anyway, even though you’ve been a complete asshole to me over the last few years. Yes, and I will still tell you to your face when you are full of shit. You fear the truth coming from me because it means you need to do some work you don’t want to face up to.

You are still Black.

Therapy is a good start.

For you.

I’m already in therapy, which is why I refuse to allow you to abuse me, emotionally.

My phone and email are available to you–don’t start hooping and hollering once I block you once again from this blog and ALL of my social media, including my Facebook page (yeah, I know what you did there on FB) once I get tired of you playing that dumb-ass teenage fever stalking bullshit.

You too old for that, and it’s unnecessary given the fact that I am and have provided you with avenues to reach me and talk to me without drama.

Or keep being stupid with blue balls blowing up my social media looking to see if I’ve found another dude or chick and written you off.

Not yet.

But good old Joe’s in charge now and hopefully, once the vaccines are here, I can start hanging out again and meeting new people — and assuming you to remain stuck being stubborn, mean, snooty, allow you to fade from my head since you evidently enjoy being lonely, horny, and asinine.

I love you, but I’m fine ignoring you if you prefer the company of snooty, nasty, elitist fuckers rather than talking to me.

I believe in consent, Predator. I don’t chase men (or women for that matter) who don’t like me or who don’t want me.

I want you, I love you, but make up your mind like a grown man for once in your life without playing head games.

I am not an object for you to mistreat or use and piss on.

Put some respect on my name.