……you’d be getting that dack [dick] sucked right now in celebration. Being snotty, moody, bourgeois with that silent bitch-ass attitude ain’t get you anywhere with me. I’m in a good mood, sweetie, so I’m going out to celebrate with my buddies and friends while you pout at home with your lips pursed up and wrinkled ’cause I ain’t calling you or texting you to celebrate.

You could have had me as early as 2016, and definitely by 2018. Guess that Viagra really does ZERO for men who fear women who speak up for themselves and insist on consent, honesty, clarity, and empathy. My hair is too short for you to do a grab/haul, and I don’t give a fuck about your VIP status, especially since you evidently can’t back it up with a hard dick or clit. I mean, if you looking for me to top you, that’s as easy as me buying a strap on, but I’d need to discuss your submission preferences. Yes, I do switch to dominant, but not without your consent.

Be a man and pick up the phone or stay like that and jerk off in a corner. I’m in a party mood, so smile.

I still love you.

Now go jerk off thinking about my tongue round that thick dack in your hands, baby. This is ‘cum fuck me hard, baby’ time, and you missing out being snooty.