Did you miss your flight, Predator?

Several times you did miss your flight.

Since Summer 2017 when you kept riding up and down the same elevator at the airport looking for a different answer from me when you kept asking me if I was angry at you. You keep doing that, missing your flight while pretending to not see the path to the loading point for passengers because you think you can fly that jet after a few flight lesson courses online. You still Black though, and God won’t help you get your dick hard if you keep acting like a house nigga.

You don’t have a license to fly, but you have a ticket good for endless round trips to my island–you don’t fly the plane, though. God is the pilot, not me or you. You just have to show up and step up like the man you claim to be instead of acting like a karen/darren bitch-ass nigga having a pouty moment.

Viagra cannot cure house nigga syndrome.