To be a touchstone (whisper to Predator on full-blue moon Samhain 2020)

So much I have learned about myself
about people and patience
about self-esteem and courage
about human weakness
(what is a touchstone?)
and empathy for the wounded

I stand on my principles
regardless of the consequences
presented to me because
that is the woman
my mother and my father raised

My seizures are God’s reminder to
make my voice heard and
be the person I am who I NAME

You just happened to meet me
as I was emerging from a long journey
through anxiety while claiming
full humanity and watching you watch me

You being free of
subservience and self-demeaning
came partially to you but
you don’t understand it from a
Black woman’s perspective.
You see it but you are not
empathetic to it

Do you remember when we met for
lunch for the first time?

You were talking about your father
neglected you emotionally
made you feel inadequate
how much of that you inherited
how you carried something in you
escaping release and expression
life is not a singularity of edge