Predator’s whisper to victim

cis-gendered bisexual non-conforming

Black feminist intersectionality

with breaks of being slightly socialist

with breaks of being feminine/femme

with breaks of being a high riding bitch

with breaks of Gen-X Pagan Goth

which I dress like a witchy slut

which is why I confuse you

my history holstering me as

my illness hovers

I confuse you of course as

you try to engage as neutral

you come across as hyper masculine so

you are not neutral at all

hyper masculine at full height

which is at its extreme a predator

which you are not but

clearly in sight of via

odd silences and pauses via

experiences and privileges

wounds and oppressions shaping how

you determine to be trifling anything

beyond meek compliments and requests

when it comes to me and my voice

you hurt me with that consistently and

with neutrality insofar

as intent is concerned

which is why

you have no opinion

but you and I both know

that itself is an opinion

and that is how you come off

as a real person you behave

like you really don’t give a fuck about me

as a human being

you choose to interact with me

my growth and healing demands

you to be empathetic to my needs

as a human being

me saying that confuses you

as a human being

you hurt me when

you are not able or willing to see and

you asked for this

now be a grown up and

respond like a grown up and

you are not a fucking robot and

social justice work is

hard on my brain