Mastering your predatory ways

i saw you staring again

at the edge of the wretched

but yeah

intentionally or not or

through genuine fuck-up

what you did and do

and you do it

while smiling sometimes

is force me to get it out

is move me to then explain it

—and then i somehow use it

through my voice

–and i write about it sometimes

while using

your Predator’s Language

while speaking such unintelligible gibberish

–and you reached out with open hand

–and since we’ve been going back and forth

–and i’m simply upping the game since

we swim the same toxic creek but

you don’t like heaviness

you procrastinate

you underestimate

you deny connotative meaning in

your own words and meaning  

your unintended intent or meaning

your mistakes and flaws

you fear revealing but

your failure to see how

blow ups and

inevitable crash course of

two strange people

who need to talk about

gaslighting as a two-way street

based on privilege and survival

meeting a predator as a victim survivor not

becoming toxic or harmful or part of the problem

looking for low hanging fruit

spiritually feminists in that

shining erotic power

emotionally healing

connecting with others who

are going on that same journey or

at the end or the beginning

lending a hand while

taking that journey

meeting at different points of

being and healing.