Buy this for me, darling–size 12 US.

How the fuck did that happen?

Buy this for me, darling–size 12.

Seriously, I’m probably–shit, not probably–I AM going to have to buy new winter coat gear. I’m now officially too small for my winter jackets and coats. Considering the desperation in these retail shops trying to survive, it won’t kill my pocketbook. Sad to say we are at that stage.

At this point, I’m losing weight to reduce the inflammation and the spinal fluid. I don’t care about fashion, and I actually had more sex when I was almost 300 lbs. I liked being fat, but my body and brain hated it, so here we are–thinner and 170-180 plus zero sex life with raging hormones and emotions.

Weight loss fucked up my sex life but I don’t care anymore because I want to live and figure out how to be happy without being mentally unhealthy and without anxiety and depression driving me into bad situations and dysfunctional relationships.

How the fuck did that happen?

Buy me the fucking coat……who am I talking to? You.

You know I look for excuses to rant about my fucked up personal life.

Go get that coat for you–it’s on sale too, and they made it for big beautiful women and small beautiful women and every sister in between.