“’Protect Black women’ should not be controversial”

Someone very dear to me needs to read this essay. Seems like so many Black folk can’t embrace the idea that Black women do matter, that we are not mules to be driven to dust, that we are women, that we are human, that we do matter–and these days I’m not sure what’s more shocking: seeing my sisters or so-called sisters jump on the hate train when it comes to Black women, or seeing my brothers (including my own blood brother) jump on the hate train or even worse, watch us Black women being torn asunder by white supremacists while remaining silent and indifferent.

I see those kinds of Black folk at my institution running it into the ground while whining about the ever shrinking numbers of enrolled students at an HBCU that has yet to deal with its own classism, racism, sexism, colorism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia.

We do matter.