why we need lit classes at an HBCU at Ground Zero

Shouldn’t have to explain this to your own people, but right now we are pretty much dominated by folk who drank the post-racial/elitism/Black Respectability/gentrification/proximity to white supremacy/wanna be anything but Black ideological Koolaid. We need to teach as many perspectives as possible, but our kids need us to teach them something other than ‘let’s be positive’ and ‘we don’t need to read anything unpleasant.’ Or do we really think we can achieve excellence by avoiding life itself in order to make a few bucks and live in the suburbs while trying to ignore the now obvious and sacrificing our own humanity while promoting other people’s humanity?

Yes, assholes, I’m talking to you, and fuck you for being a fascist at the edge of World War III. Are you offended yet because you thought that no one noticed how much you love kissing racist/elitist ass even though your breath smells like shit from 200-500 years ago? Wake the fuck up and go talk to your ancestors who are, by now, disgusted with your self-hating ass.