just being human, honey

wish i could travel…tried my best to move to Miami, San Francisco, or NYC–fuck, even Seattle or San Diego, far away from the rigidity destroying so many of us Indigo folk….for some reason house music seems to comfort me in my decision to stay in this dry, cold-hearted city with these cold-hearted lying people, and considering the last couple of weeks, I think the music does help me chill a bit when I play it. But I still want to dance, and that’s not happening during quarantine.

Hope you like my amped up blog presence. Enjoy the positive groove, and imagine us all half-naked, a bit buzzed, a bit high, a bit sweaty, just chillin, no judgment, no fear, all consensual, all beautiful, loving, sexy, and of course, orgasmic…..just being human. Now excuse me while I grab my vibrator and start working on more of my own writing. I need a bit of a boost to start working through that raw material and build some poems and short stories–flash fiction right now, but I may have a novel brewing in my woefully neglected quim. Have to channel those feelings/emotions somehow.