I sure did connect with Kamala–I didn’t even bother watching the debate. Didn’t have to–the photos told me everything I needed to know. What did I see in those photos?

27 years worth of higher ed in that look from Kamala from grad school to my current status as associate professor in an environment determined to vomit me into the street before allowing me full professorship. That’s UDC completing the multiyear process of eliminating Black women from all the humanities programs, especially English. Same folk responsible for this shit are reading this right now, saying, ‘are you talking about me’?

Yes, asshole/assholes, this applies to you, if you helped do this nasty, evil shit only to wonder why we can’t bring back our students, especially our Black women students. Fuck you for being so evil and stupid at the same time.

And it’s not just gender, it’s also race and social class–and sexual orientation. In other words, higher ed aka academia for me as a Black woman…..

I decided months ago who I’d vote for, so the debate photos and clips were treats for me–the live video would have triggered a depression episode so I’m good. I already knew what would happen. How?

That’s all I see and experience at UDC in every single sector as a Black woman occupying a space on that so-called HBCU that seems determined to amplify its hostility to Black people–especially those of us who refuse to worship Black conservatism and white male supremacy. There are a few allies among the admin–President Mason is trying to heal us–but he and they who are not evil are being drowned out by political forces driving us to the cliff for the purpose of wiping us out quietly while we as a nation attempt to swerve from the perils of totalitarianism under a maniac.

Oh yes, an ode to the Shepherd’s Park/Georgetown/Chevy Chase upper class set is coming….

but meanwhile, click below and enjoy.


“Female academics saw their own experiences in the vice presidential debate’s gendered and racialized dynamics.” – Inside Higher Education