into the light

….and here we are with my blog out the closet……speaking of which, isn’t today or tomorrow Coming Out Day? Or was it yesterday. Fuck it–I’ll do a post when I get up with the Sun.

Meanwhile, I went back to 2012 and released my voice. Check it out, bitches. I’m going to chill a bit and sleep some, grade some, jack off some (what, you thought I’d be all fearful of speaking my mind just because my blog address will get some traffic from nosy admins or faculty?), and otherwise just be me on this foggy night….took my meds…..and as you readers scroll back to the beginning in 2012 (much thanks to Thaddeus Howze for his work helping me build this blog structure) do notice how some of the more recent posts are expansions and in some ways revisions or reseeing or releasing more energy, context, language, feeling/emotion….in other words, a couple of books are emerging here….and I have so much more I’m feeling as a writer–and it’s on my terms.

Freeing my voice, yes. There will be no censorship here–that being said, there will be no gossip or bullshit here, either. Just me being me, being free….maybe this should be the new about this blog intro….i’ll think about it…..