bully (part 2)

not much difference

(speaking for myself)

between having a gun in your face

while your boyfriend high on cocaine tells you to lie back down on the bed

and having someone strip you and your life work of meaning and value

in the name of efficiency and political vengeance

trapped is what you feel

shame is what you feel

silence is what you do

knowing that someone is going to tell you

stop talking and then it will stop

stop resisting and then it will stop

stop exposing and then it will stop

not much difference in

what this does to the brain or the soul

not much difference between

1986 and 2018

two different bullies

same build

same skinniness

same height

same habit of dodging questions

same creepiness

same tendency of needing another bully to reinforce

same cowardly habits

different weapons same motivation of fearing

loss of control

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