bully (part 1)

Again I say to you

bullying diminishes

bullying perpetuates

bullying destroys

yet you fail to see

how that word hearsay silences bullied

how hard it is for the bullied to find empathy

how hard it is for many of you to feel much beyond contempt for us

how your contempt centers on the bullied

how your love of power depends on misunderstanding

bullying as strength

when in fact it the bully who suffers from

weakness of heart

weakness of soul

inability to think and act independently

hiding behind a bigger bully


fear of the other

ignorance of the other

who then isolates and alienates to control

cutting off anyone who questions tyranny

cutting off anyone who questions greed

shutting down dissent

“stop talking”

“stop writing”

“stop questioning”

gaslighting then feigning concern

using more than fists to smash spirits

like smashing teeth and bone

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