alpha male

You added a piece to the vision today
addendum to paradigmatic gendered performance
you walking into your living room
my back to you in front of your fireplace
wearing the illusion you selected for me
obedience to your idealized objectification
long black wig with curls hanging over my downturned face like a veil
jezebel smudges and stains across lips, eyes, cheeks
my arms crossed in the front concealing breasts
my head down
me staring at the crease in your slacks
you staring at the curve of my spine
my ass and thighs barely encased
a shimmering black and gold micro dress and five-inch heels
your thickly veined hands sliding over then under to pull up the hem
the windowpanes shine unnatural light in the silent dark room
vertigo descends upon me as I glance at the streetlights below outside
we are both trembling


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