to my new visitors

quick note:

this blog is currently being updated, so don’t be surprised if you see 25-30 ‘new’ posts which are really older posts unhidden/updated/revised/edited……and most of it will be in a creative anthology….plus i have hundreds of emailed chats and 291 pages of texts with draft material for poetry, essays, flash fiction, confessionals, etc…..nothing like feelings and emotions and hearthurt/heartbreak/pain as inspiration… got here just in time….i do not censor lie or hide and that makes me very dangerous allegedly because i don’t and i won’t play the game that almost killed me last year….and i refuse to be used drained disposed flushed…..abused…..i write out of love and in love constantly just like i write while being aroused and angry and happy and sad and prayerful and so this is my voice and i approve of this message

Dr. Cherie Ann Turpin