positive human beings are honest and don’t play mindfuck games

I’m actually a pretty easy going person who loves to fuck and who misses it.

I just don’t like men who live in the shadows and expect me to trust them.

Bare profiles lacking personality with collections of women’s profiles raise an eyebrow for me. Men who collect women and give them random titles to suit their jack-off preferences while pretending to be of high morals and ethics. Men who spy on women online while slut-shaming them in elite circles. What’s the word I seek here? Ah yes: PREDATOR.

Men I suspect to be on the sex crime registry–or probably should be, so that means being extra careful when dealing with folk online and in the real world–predators. Irony? I am probably the easiest person for a man who is honest, sincere, and comfortable with his body. I don’t have a problem with friendly, casual, non-dramatic, hot sex. But predators don’t like talking to women, don’t like having sex with women who know the meaning of consent and who ask for and demand respect as human beings. Can’t have good, old-fashioned rough sex and do oral and anal sex with men who can’t fathom the idea that women get to make choices as well and that boundaries must be SPOKEN and RESPECTED. It goes both ways (or more if it’s group sex).

I didn’t make it to my 50s not using common sense. I certainly didn’t develop a keen sense as to how to get a dude to cum down my throat without teeth without learning that basic of communication, respect, and consent. BDSM was a very important stage in my development as a sexual person.

Protect yourselves out there, family.