For the world to see.


You have a profile with nothing that would say, “hey, I’m really a smart, sexy guy who thinks about more than just getting my dick waxed.”

You have a profile that says this to every woman looking at your profile, “I spend most of my free time jacking off to porn because I don’t like myself and I don’t want to be intimate or vulnerable to women, plus I really don’t respect women as being much of anything but blowup dolls to use for my sperm, plus the only thing I really want to do besides jacking off and drinking booze is watch sports.”

That sort of message might turn off a few of us. Actually, most of us, but maybe you don’t care anyway. So why waste my time? Was it a slip of the finger?


Soooo, you get all pissy when you see or hear folk expressing feelings, or you get pissy with folk insisting on limits and trigger exposure.

I’m like, “huh”?

Not everybody wants the singularity of life experience. Embrace difference, and let folk do what they will. If you want go all edgy, then cool, but why insist on it as the only way to fly?

Lot of folk with anger issues who use the very same kind of judgmental thinking they claim to be outside their way of thinking. Lot of folk who I would deem to be blind. That being said, the edge is in many spaces, and not just in one space or place. Surely life isn’t a singularity of edge, is it? What makes you think your vision of edge is everybody else’s edge?

Or is that kind of insight too edgy for you?