being positive, being human

Why are women still talking about bleaching assholes in the middle of COVID-19? You see that idiot doing photo ops at Walter Reed? That’s not going to be you or me or anyone else with a brain during the pandemic. You risk infection going to the clinic for the unnecessary procedure; you risk infection fucking the dude who can’t stand putting his dick in your anus without the bleaching with or without a condom, plus without a condom, you risk HIV, HPV, and HSV-1 and 2. So, in short, unless you a) stay away from the ass-bleach procedure and b) limit sexual contact to a long-term partner who is also limiting contact PLUS you both have been tested for COVID-19, HIV, HPV, and HSV-1 and 2, you may very well end up dying just to have that Kardashian porn-look for someone who watches way too much porn. As a fan of anal sex, trust me when I say that, save for a water enema, gloves, condoms, and lots of lube, you don’t need anything else but patience and a bit of encouraging sex chat. We shall chat soon about my love for sucking dick/cock and my love of swallowing cum. How does this translate during the pandemic? It’s been a decade since I’ve had the full or partial GGG full-on sexual banquet of oral, anal, and vaginal sex, and I am in no hurry to take crazy risks–but I’m looking forward to the vaccine and reopening of our social lives.