low energy and fear of rejection….that’s on you, dumbass

all these low-energy, little dick mothafuckas stalking me but can’t actually say what the fuck they want from me…..my middle finger’s got more testosterone than your whole bodies and you all still can’t figure out how to get a taste of my wet ass pussy cause you can’t get your courage up or get your dicks hard…..that’s for every last one of you bitch-made limp-dick bully fuckers who can’t step up to the plate and ask me to give it to you because you can’t deal with that word consent……fear of rejection is a helluva drug……meanwhile, I turned 54 this past Wednesday and I am still ovulating, still bleeding once a month, plus I finally got my weight to almost normal and I’m no longer obese or pre-diabetic. I still love using my vibrator, and I’m still into writing about my love for hot nasty sex when I want it, and who I want fuck…..on my terms…..can’t wait for the COVID-19 vaccine so I can get back in the scene and do some traveling…..and if I find someone who’s not a whiny little bitch, she or he and I will do some serious hot exploration and do some hot sexy love magick……to my followers, hugs and kisses, and to my stalkers go fuck yourselves you ain’t man or woman enough to approach me like you grown.